Thursday, November 12, 2015

Catching Up

I've been lazy so here's a catch up on things I did these last few weeks.

we had a Halloween party where my owner dressed up as a wild boar!

We also baked a pumpkin pie.

And we had roasted chestnuts.

Here's picture of our Halloween table.

I got gingerbread cookies at work.
It was a gift to show us they appreciated all the hard work we do.

Jeffe sent us this really cool Day of Dead candy skull!

Yesterday we went to the movies with a colleague and saw The Last Witch Hunter.
It was a really cool movie!

Today at work there was a celebration and we got a bag full of oliebollen.

And when I got home there was mail waiting for us.
We won these cool bookmarks in a giveaway by Linda Poitevin. Her The Grigory Legacy series is a really awesome series, so we're very happy with these bookmarks.

That's it for now.
I will try to post more often again.


Jeffe Kennedy said...

Excellent Halloween!

Beanie Mouse said...

great stuff there!!!

Little Fox said...

Looks like a great party.

Aurian said...

Lots of fun stuff! Don't eat all the oliebollen at once!