Thursday, November 19, 2015

Hot Chocolate, Mail, Presents and a T-Rex

Last weekend we went into town and I got to drink hot chocolate. Yum!.

Yesterday I had Beanie mail!
The 8th book in the Cirque du Freak series by Darren Shan. I'm looking forward to reading it.

And me and some of the other animals got presents from Sinterklaas!
Sinterklaas will bring even more presents on December 5th, but he sometimes brings some early presents if you sing songs for him and put out a treat for his horse.

I got a Dinosaur Excavation Kit and a book.
I got a Dinosaur Excavation Kit as a souvenir from Berlin, and loved it, so I'm really happy with this kit. It says the dinosaur glows in the dark!

So I had to start excavating the dinosaur today of course.

It was hard work, but slowly I managed to dig my way to the dinosaur bones.

Finally the first bone was excavated!
This kit was a lot harder than the one from Berlin, I must say, but still lots of fun. I managed to get all the bones out of the ground and put them together.

And don't you think this is a really awesome T-Rex!?
I can't wait until tonight, so I can see if he really glows in the dark!

Attack of the T-Rex Skeleton!

Just kidding: the T-Rex didn't harm me, I'm totally OK!


Jerry and Ben said...

Hot chocolate and books? Sounds like a perfect day!

miki said...

wonderful mix but i thought Saint nicolas were bringing you small gift if you sing song to him but starting decembe so just teh few days before his day not this early ( so many thing to learn)

anyway keep singing to him!