Saturday, March 14, 2015

Saturday Goodness

I'm having the most awesome Saturday.

First we went into town where my owner let me spend some gift cards she got on books.

And while I was still trying to decide which book to read, the mailman came by with a package!

It was from Jeffe Kennedy, who sent us lots of goodies!

There was lots of chocolate and Peeps.

Cool and pretty swag for Jeffe's upcoming release The Talon of the Hawk.

And best of all: an Advance Reader Copy of The Talon of the Hawk!

I think I know what book I'll be reading next!

Thanks Jeffe!


Jeffe Kennedy said...

Glad it all got there okay - and in record time, huh? Enjoy your tacky US Easter candy!

Aurian said...

That sure was a good day! And yes, that swag is pretty :) Enjoy the books.