Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Trip to Paris - More Animals - Day 3, part 2

We spend a few hours at the Grand Galerie de l'√Čvolution.
I took lots of pictures of that surreal animal parade.

This elephant was at the front of the parade.

My owner spotted hippos and we had to be in the picture with one of the hippos of course.

Look at those teeth!

The ceiling had glass panes with colored light that kept changing, adding to the surreal feel of the parade. There were also animal sounds and sometimes sounds of rain and thunder.

This elephant wasn't in the parade, but relaxing next to a staircase.

And this one had an angry tiger on top of him.

A view on the parade from the next floor up.

See: the ceiling changed colors!

There was also an exhibit about rare and extinct animals.
This is the Dodo.

It must have been a really cool bird from the looks of it.

There was a story about how the Dodo became extinct.
I'm afraid the Dutch had a lot to do with it.

There was a room full of mounted animals of rare, endangered and extinct animals.
This is another bird that I think looks cool.

And there was a tiger as well.

In between all the picture taking and looking at all the animals we had lunch at the museum, but the picture I took of the delicious chocolate cake I had didn't turn out well.

Tomorrow I will show you even more pictures of this exhibit.


Jeffe Kennedy said...

Okay, this parade of animals sounds SO bizarre!

miki said...

thank you for sharing those wonderful pictures