Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Trip to Paris - Meeting a Friend - Day 2, part 1

On Friday morning we got up early and had breakfast.

There was orange juice

And french bread!

After breakfast we caught a metro to the center of the city, because we were meeting an online friend: Melliane from Between Dreams and Reality.

We met up at the Notre Dame which is in the exact center of the city I'm told. All distances to Paris are measured from the square in front of the Notre Dame.

We had a look around at the Notre Dame of course.

After our visit to the Notre Dame, Melliane took us shopping.

First she showed us Shakespeare and Company, a really cool bookshop close to the Notre Dame.

Next we wandered around a bit, looking at shops in general, and browsing some bookshops.

I spotted another church.

And this building with fountains in front of it.

I also saw these really yummy cakes!

I'll tell you more about our day with Melliane tomorrow!


Hammie Hamster said...

Ooooh, wat leuk allemaal!

Jerry and Ben said...

Jerry is staring at all those yummy cakes!

Jerry and Ben said...

Jerry is staring at all those yummy cakes!

RodeEgel said...

Another super cool day!

Melliane said...

I was so happy to meet you this day even if I couldn't find the metro station.

Alexander Mackenzie Bear said...

I want to go there some day!