Saturday, December 27, 2014

Lots of Christmas Presents and Fun

I've not been online much the last few days, because I was celebrating Christmas.
Here are the highlights:

A few days before Christmas a huge package arrived!

It was from miki.
She sent us both lots of stuff for Christmas and for our birthday next month.

I used my piggy penlight to explore the depths of the huge box.

There was a box filled with presents for me and my owner and a box for my owner's OtherHalf.
This is the Christmas presents box for me and my owner.

There was also lots of candy and chocolate!

We weren't allowed to open our presents until after midnight on Christmas Eve!

Luckily I got some fireworks from my owner's OtherHalf as well. I dreamed of how cool those will be to light on New Year's Eve, to take my mind of the presents.

Finally Christmas Eve arrived and we could open our presents.
There were a lot of them. Not only miki sent us presents. There was also a picnic basket full of yummy food from family, a small present from Beanie, and a couple of presents that Santa put under our tree.

It was fun opening them all.

And look at all those gorgeous presents!
Books, magazines, dinos, cross stitch stuff, cards, and lots more.

miki: Thank you for all those awesome presents!
Beanie: Those cards are really cool. Thank you!
G&J: Thanks for all the yummy food!

We spent Christmas day reading books and magazines, enjoying all our presents, and eating lots of yummy food.

The day after Christmas is also a holiday here.
We relaxed some more, and my owner baked a Bundt cake.

Which I of course had to taste.
It was delicious!

We also decided to make our own Christmas centerpiece.

I think it turned out beautiful.

All in all we had a wonderful Christmas.
I hope you all had a great Christmas as well!


Jerry and Ben said...

Great photos Sullivan...Jerry spent a beary lot of time looking at the yummy bundt cake!

RodeEgel said...

It has been a wonderful Christmas! So many fun things we did. And thanx a lot for all the cool gifts Miki! :-D

miki said...

It was a pleasure! i'm so glad you had a great magical Christmas!

Demented Wench said...

I think your Christmas centerpiece turned out beautiful too.

And food and fireworks sounds like so much fun!

Little Fox said...

I, like Jerry, also spent lots of time looking at that cake picture.