Sunday, December 7, 2014

Beanie's Package and My Sinterklaas Presents

Beanie told me I could open one of the presents he sent me on Sinterklaas Day.
It contained Coraline by Neil Gaiman, and a really cool card!

Thanks Beanie!

Yesterday we celebrated Sinterklaas Day with some friends and Sinterklaas brought us all some really cool presents.

I got a book, a game about the Titanic, and a Garrus figurine.

We all also got an invitation from Sinterklaas to have dinner at a restaurant soon.

Here's a close-up of my Garrus figurine.
Garrus is one of my favorite characters from the Mass Effect series, a really cool SciFi computer game.

Thanks Sinterklaas!


Beanie Mouse said...

Hurrah!!!! We think you'll like the other present too!

Sullivan McPig said...

Agh...making me curious. I will try to be strong.

Ajdin the Bosnian Bear said...

nice presents Sullivan!

Beanie Mouse said...

It's not another book.... but we still think you'll like it!! That postcard with the Coraline book was the official Fantasy and Terror exhibition image from the British Library show. Rather creepy!!

Little Fox said...

Maybe it's the movie Coraline to accompany the book?

Aurian said...

Lovely presents Sullivan!