Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow and a Card

Last Saturday evening I looked out the window and there was snow!

The next day there was even more. It looked beautiful.

My owner was still recovering from a very stubborn flu, so she didn't have the energy to go for a walk with me, so I had to settle for watching the snow from our living room window.

When we finally did go outside again this Tuesday, most of the snow was gone already.

Today there was a late birthday card for me from Jerry & Ben!
I recognize the mouse: it's the mouse from Country Companions. What a fun and beautiful card.

Thanks Jerry & Ben!


Jerry and Ben said...

A snowy day is a good day to say in with nice tea or hot chocolate, and a good book or a movie, esp. when you're not feeling well. Glad you enjoyed the card!

Eve Noir said...

Looks like you had a nice day in. Hope you are doing well Sullivan, love Eve

Aurian said...

I am still sad we did not get any snow here at all. And now the weather is warming up again.