Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Music and Books

Today there were two packages in the mail.

The first was a CD from Beastmilk.
It was a birthday present for me and my owner from my owner's family. It's a really cool CD I think.

Thanks to my owner's family for the awesome present!

The other package was from Jeffe.
There were a couple of presents inside.

The package took a long time to get from the US to Groningen and the mailmen must have shook up the package, because the cookies in the package were smashed a bit. The presents were beautifully wrapped. I couldn't wait to open them.

There was a cook book with Dutch recipes for my owner, a cool Manga for me, and sampler and a copy of Season of Seduction for Voodoo Bride.

And Jeffe signed Season of Seduction for Voodoo Bride as well!
Voodoo Bride already read Jeffe's story, but I just know she will reread it soon and she will try the other stories as well of course.

Thanks Jeffe!
We love our presents!


Jerry and Ben said...

Jerry and Ben tip #37: smashed cookies (possibly caused by mailing them) are beary delicious sprinkled over vanilla ice cream!

Jeffe Kennedy said...

Jerry and Ben are very smart! SO annoying that it took OVER A MONTH. Bleh.

Jeffe Kennedy said...

Also - the Dutch Treats cookbook is a *joke*. Sullivan didn't say so, but I want everyone to know. I just thought it was hysterical to find an American collection of traditional Dutch recipes.

Sullivan McPig said...

They're actually quite accurate according to my owner, although outdated.

Aurian said...

Awesome gifts, and Jerry and Ben, that is a great tip!

Hammie Hamster said...

Nice package!