Monday, December 2, 2013

Going Out For Dinner

Yesterday my owner and I went to Utrecht.
My owner met up with a cousin, but she forgot to take any pictures.

Next we met up with Aurian!

We swapped books and then we went out for dinner.

We went to Sumo, a restaurant with lots of yummy Japanese food.

I had a salad.
It was yummy, but they had gone a little bit wild with the mayonaise in my opinion.

I left the beef to my owner, but I really loved the soy beans.

And I of course had to have mushrooms.

We had ice cream for dessert.
I had mango ice cream, but Aurian let me try the vanilla ice cream as well.

It was lots of fun and it was cool to meet Aurian again. We must do this more often.
We had a great day!


Little Fox said...

Mmmm that dinner looks good, although I agree too much mayo on the salad. The mushrooms and ice cream look delicious. Was chicken an option on the menu?

Alexander Mackenzie Bear said...

Definitely a tad heavy on the mayo! But the ice cream looks scrumptious!

Jerry and Ben said...

"Ice cream? Did someone say ice cream? Oh yummy!" says Jerry. Ben says yes, there appears to be a bit too much mayo!

Aurian said...

Yes we had fun talking books and stuff. Next time will be in Groningen again. And dinner was delicious :)