Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!
I hope you're all having a wonderful time, even if you don't celebrate Christmas.

I myself am having a great time.

Just before Christmas I received a package full of yummy chocolate from Miki. She also sent me a really cool piggy keychain she made for me.

Thanks Miki!

This morning there was a present for me under our Christmas tree.
Tempest sounds like a cool Young Adult read.

Thanks Santa!

And my owner baked her traditional Christmas Bundt cake. I cant wait to try a piece.

Otherwise I'm enjoying this day by relaxing and reading.



Little fox said...

Merry Christmas Sullivan. Enjoy your books, you should consider becoming a spokes pig for children's literacy.

Jerry and Ben said...

Happy Christmas Sullivan! That cake looks amazing!

Aurian said...

Merry Christmas Sullivan! Hope you enjoy those two days.

Sullivan McPig said...

Thanks everyone!

Ajdin the Bosnian Bear said...

Merry Christmas!