Friday, December 2, 2011

Why I Almost Fainted Today!

When my owner and me arrived at work today a co-worker told us Sinterklaas had visited our department. I was disappointed that I'd missed his visit, but our co-worker had made a photo of Sinterklaas to show us.

And Sinterklaas left us a present!
There was a poem attached to the present telling us our hard work is appriciated.

The present was speculaas with almond paste filling!


After hearing all about Sinterklaas' visit, me and my owner started our work.

But then.......

Sinterklaas dropped by again!
It was a very grand moment for me to meet him! He even posed with me for a picture. I was very nervous and being held by Sinterklaas almost made me faint.

This is a moment I'll never forget!


Jerry and Ben said...

You're so lucky you got to meet Sinterklass Sullivan! Your story reminds us of one of our favorite Christmas movies Miracle on 41st. Street, because there is a scene with a little Dutch girl and she talks to Sinterklaas:

Sullivan McPig said...

Thanks for the link. I really must hunt down this movie and watch all of it.

Raquel said...

Oh I didn't know Sinterklaas tradition. Who is him?

Viv Arend said...

Oh HOW exciting! So pleased you got to meet him, and that you didn't get coal or a switch! You must have been a good pig this past year!

Happy SInterklaas day from Wolfie!

Jerry and Ben said...

Oops, except it's 34th Street (not 41st Street); it's been a while since we saw it. hehe

Hammie Hamster said...

Ooooh You had your picture taken with Sinterklaas!!!! That is so cool! Perhaps I get the chance tomorrow when he visits our school!

Jeffe Kennedy said...

Love this photo - lol!