Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Mail

Today at work we got a Christmas card from a co-worker and she had put a chocolate Christmas ornament on the envelope. How fun! We put the ornament in our tree when we got home.

We also got two packages today!
We got a beautiful card and a present for under the Christmas tree from my owner's friend Jan and we got a card, minty chocolate and a cool Piglet Pez dispenser from Jerry & Ben.

Thanks everyone for all the awesome Christmas cards and presents!


Found art blog said...

Fab prezzies!! Oh, Bob T Bear's Mum is doing an interesting book related "join in" thing on her blog..... you might want to have a look at it!

Jerry and Ben said...

Glad you enjoyed the treats Sullivan! We though you might enjoy the chocolates while reading one of your books, or rather now your E-reader!