Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Taai Taai and Presents

Yesterday afternoon I helped my owner bake Taai Taai.
It's a traditional treat for Sinterklaasavond just as Speculaas.

After eating lots of yummy food and Taai Taai and such it was time for unwrapping presents!

Just look at the cool things I got:

A zombie calendar for 2012.
Twelve months of zombies: isn't that cool!?

I also got a really big chocolate letter covered with walnuts and such.

And more zombies!
It's a zombie retelling of A Christmas Carol.

And last but certainly not least:
A really cool book about movies.

It was a really fun evening and I love all my presents.
Dank u Sinterklaasje!


Raquel said...

Lucky pig!!!
The zombie calendar is cool and frightening, boooooo!!!!! :))

Demented Wench said...

What cool presents! :)