Sunday, November 27, 2011

Suitcases and Art

GR'NN, a group of comicbook artists (including my owner's OtherHalf), is celebrating its 15th anniversary with a big expo and yesterday was the opening of that expo. My owner helped out a few times with transporting stuff for the expo, so me and my owner were invited to the opening.

First there was a speech and then music by a group called 'Men in a Suitcase'. They played a song about an elephant among others.

Then the expo was officially opened and we could go watch all the art there.

Look: there's the chicken leg!
It was part of a fairytale diorama, build in a suitcase. The theme of the expo was travelling and they had made lots of suitcase dioramas.

A dragon!

Next to the suitcase dioramas there were lots of cool and beautiful paintings and drawings and such.

This suitcase had a food theme.

A drawing that's both cute and creepy.

And there was a hedgehog shrine!
Isn't that cool!?

Hey.... Wait a minute!
Something looks familiar here.

It's the rabid, mutant zombie beastie!!
I had wondered where he had disappeared to. It turned out he had volunteered to be part of the expo.

And there's Cerberus!
He's also part of one of the dioramas.

I decided to take part in the expo too.
(Just for this picture though.)

This artwork is both beautiful and it makes me itchy.

I'm not sure what this one is about, but it looks cool.

Another one that's both beautiful and creepy.

All in all this is one beautiful and impressive expo!

After the opening of the expo we went out for dinner with the artists and some other people. We had yummy food and I had hot chocolate for dessert.

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Raquel said...

Wow, what a cute expo!!! I love all the pics, thanks for sharing :)