Monday, November 14, 2011


This Saturday my owner's OtherHalf saw Sinterklaas.
Sinterklaas visits the Netherlands every year and on December 5th he brings lots of presents to everyone, but he always comes early so he can check up on people and see if they have been good and if they deserve their presents. And when he has just arrived he sometimes brings a small present for those who put out a shoe I'm told.

So yesterday evening me and the armadillo decided to put out our shoes (well, we borrowed some shoes anyway). We put a carrot with the shoes for Sinterklaas' horse and we sang some special songs for Sinterklaas as well.

First thing we did this morning is check the shoes to see if Sinterklaas brought us a present.

And there was indeed a present in the shoe I put out!

Chocolate Euro coins.

There was also a present in the shoe that the armadillo put out.

Little chocolate figures of Sinterklaas and Black Pete.

Oh, this is fun! I wonder if we get to do this again or if we now have to wait for December 5th. I'm going to say my proper thanks to Sinterklaas anyway so he knows I appreciate the present he left me:
Dank u, Sinterklaasje!


Buttons the Bear said...

I didn't know you start celebrating Christmas so early. We haven't even had Thanksgiving yet and there is Christmas stuff in the stores. Some of its been there since the beginning of October!

For a minute there I thought you were going to get stuck in that deep boot.

Sullivan McPig said...

Sinterklaas has nothing to do with Christmas. Sinterklaasavond (St. Nicholas Eve) is celebrated on December 5th. Sinterklaas is Santa Claus' older brother I think.

And we don't celebrate Thanksgiving over here.

Hammie Hamster said...

Nice presents!!! I haven't seen him yet, nog even on tv this year! But we've already been teaching the children a very nice new Sinterklaas song today! With a little dance that comes with it! We had a lot of fun!!!

Jerry and Ben said...

We didn't know about Sinterklaas, but we think he's great! The chocolate coins look delicious!