Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Pig, Drooling Bride

Today there were lots of cool surprises.

First I got little marzipan and chocolate piggies from my owner's OtherHalf. They're fun and yummie!

there was also lots of mail:

My ower got a package which included this cool frowny stressball keyring that she gave to me!

There was also a package from Beanie!
I won his monthly giveaway and he send me 10 of his beautiful found-art items! I especially love the CD and the Good Luck card.

And these two books made Voodoo Bride drool.
We got The Goblin King from Caro and I won Heart of Steel over at Velvet's blog.

Thank Beanie, Caro and Velvet!
You rock!


Jeffe Kennedy said...

ooh, Heart of Steel! *want*

Marlowe said...

My mom read the Goblin King on your recommendation of the Summoning. She says it was very good. You can follow the author on Goodreads. She hopes she writes a new book soon!

Found art blog said...

glad they got there safely!!!

pattepoilue said...

Ohhh I just finished listening to Heart Of Steele and I loved it. What an adventure! *g*

Sullivan McPig said...

@Jeffe & pattepoilue: I'm looking forward to reading it. I loved The Iron Duke.

@Marlowe: That is good to hear. I understand there will be at least one sequel.

@Beanie: Thanks once again!