Monday, May 16, 2011

Olaf and Other Things

Yesterday we were invited by NAAM to a special showing of an short animated movie called 'Olaf, Happy Little Cannon'. NAAM is one of the creators of this movie.

At the entrance of the theater you could get your picture taken with Olaf.

It turned out to be a really cool and funny movie!

After the movie I spotted a soapbubble machine on the balcony of the theater!

And look at the beautiful view we had.

Finally we decided to find something to eat.
I spotted this mexican restaurant which had a dog on the window while there was a sign right next to it that said that dogs weren't allowed there. I hope the restaurant won't get into trouble. We went to eat somewhere else just in case.

Smelling the rose(s) ;-)

Look: a special seat for me with a bowl attached to it to put food in.

Hmmm, wonder what this tastes like.

Even though it had jalapeno peppers in it it didn't taste too hot.

All in all we had a great day!


Raquel said...

We like mexican food too, we make "fajitas" at home and they are delicious!

Katie Dalton said...

I can't do any spicy sauces at all. If I do...lets just say it is not good. lol ;) Looks like you had a great Sunday.

Hammie Hamster said...

I'd like to see that movie! must be very funny!