Friday, May 20, 2011

A Green Present

There was a package from Beanie today!
It contained one of Beanie's beautiful cards and a mysterious plastic box. According to the card it contained something delicate from the Isle of Wight.

Inside the plastic box was lots of shredded paper and a smaller carton box.

In the carton box was a gorgeous glass piggy! And it's green!

What a brilliantly cool present!

Thanks so much Beanie, it's an amazing and beautiful present!


Katie Dalton said...

How cute! Looks good on you ;)

Jerry and Ben said...

Wow, what an fun green piggy! How many little pigs do you have in your collection Sullivan?

Raquel said...

Ohhh, the green pig is very cute!

Found art blog said...

I saw that in a gift shop for a Glass Blowing Studio!! They make everything "by hand" and when i saw Green Piggy, I just HAD to get him!!!

Sullivan McPig said...

I love him! He's got a special spot in our bookcase already

Hammie Hamster said...

Nice piggy! Beanie is very good at finding presents!

Enbrethiliel said...


Someone once told me, "Never give a present that isn't beautifully wrapped."

Well, I think there is a unique, if non-traditional beauty in the way the green glass pig was "wrapped." The presentation was so much fun that it made the gift seem even more wonderful!