Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Another Mail post

Yesterday we got mail from New Zealand! It turned out to be from Helen Lowe, who send us a signed coverflat of her new book 'the Heir of Night'. It's beautiful and I so want to get my trotters on the actual book as the story sounds so cool.

Today there was a card from Beanie! I love getting mail from Beanie as his cards are all so beautiful and crafty!

thanks Helen and Beanie!!


Hammie en Gea said...

I have some nice mail for you that urgently needs to be brought to the mail (it's been lying here for a very long time) but G. works a lot and when she's home she's very tired so she doesn't go to the mail shop! I do hope she'll go there soon!

Sullivan McPig said...

Tell her to take care and take it easy. Mail is fun, but not if G. gets stressed because of it.

DILLY said...

Mweah, Dilly luv Beanie mail too!

Sullivan! (FNAR! SUllivan be Mummy's larst nayme! Fnar!) COM VOTE IN POLL!!!! Want see Bob arfter Bob hav bath?????



AmandaRose said...

Hey, I'm having a monstrous book giveaway on my blog, amandarosetew,blogspot,com, and thought you might be interested! Happy Halloween!

Sullivan McPig said...

A monstrous book giveaway? I'll be there!
Thanks for telling me about it and an early Happy Halloween to you too!

audreyscountrycrafts said...

Going to the post office today - hoping to get some fun mail too :)