Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Package and a Card

Yesterday there was a package for me and my owner from Beanie!

There were really cool stickers of pigs on the package!

Inside the package there was a keyring of the Big Ben! I'd love to see the Big Ben for real one day.

There was also this really cool postcard!

And two book! I won the Manga at a giveaway at Beanie's blog and Beanie also send a book with tastes of girly books that my owner and Voodoo Bride can read. What a great package!
Thanks Beanie!

And that was not all! Later the same day there was a card from Beanie as well. Isn't it beautiful!


Audrey said...

Yeah for parcels!! I'm hoping to get one in the mail too this week :)

Eve Noir said...

Cool stuff Sullivan. I got the key ring too. And I also hope to visit Big Ben one day.


Found art blog said...

Well let me know if you ever get there, London's only an hour by train from me!! Sullivan, have you ever come across It's a good and fun way of trading books!!

Hammie en Gea said...

Nice package! The pig stickers sparkle very nice! Hope C. is feeling better now...

Urok Burok said...

Hallo Sullivan!
Ede snurken , bronzen stam van de Big Ben is vooral indrukwekkende ALS JE 's avonds in de Buurt op de Theemsbrug STAAT . De GALM veroorzaakt bijna ALS JE ER kippenvel gevoelig VOOR gebogen. Leuk trouwens mpakketje .
Er zijn Altijd verrassingen .... Kortom: verras
de Mensen . DAT maakt Ze Blij

Sullivan McPig said...

Thanks everyone!
@Beanie: I'll check that site out, never heard of it before.
@Hammie: She's better, but still very tired.
@Urki Burk: Erg fraaie impressie

Marlowe said...

I think two things in the mail at the same time is great! And what cool stickers!