Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lots of Cool Mail!

Yesterday there was lots of mail for me and my owner!

We got this lovely card and beautiful flower picture from Marlowe and his Mom. Thanks Marlowe, we love it!

There was a book I won at vvB32 Reads' Werewolf Weekend.
vvB32: I started reading it right away and it's a great read sofar! Thanks.

And last, but certainly not least there was a really cool package from Eve! There's pig shaped soap, pig shaped erasers, candy, beautiful cards, bookmarks, a small book and more!

I really love these: Artist Trading Cards that Eve made herself. The middle one is my favourite.

Schmorg really liked this card with a sentiment about chocolate on it. He hopes that if he shows it to us long enough we'll get the hint and buy him chocolate.

There also was a lovely Alice in Wonderland shirt for my owner! She tried it on immediately, but wouldn't pose for a picture, but I can tell it looks good on her.

The little book is about Mr. Mischief and it got very cool drawings. My owner tells me she used to read Mr. books as a kid, so is very glad to own one of the Mr. books now.

Thanks Eve, it's a lovely package!


Audrey said...

Wow!! You had a great day at the post office :)
The book looks interesting.

Eve Noir said...

Hi Sullivan. Thanks so much for posting my package. I'm so glad you like everything. It's always fun to do a swap with you and your owner.

XoX~Your Friend, Eve

Marlowe said...

I am glad that you like your card and picture! Mom says that she remembers the Little Men books from when she was a little girl!

Hammie en Gea said...

Nice mail Sullivan!

Sullivan McPig said...

Thanks everyone!

Patricia said...

That shirt is great and your owner was wering it at work yesterday and i agree it looks good at here :D