Saturday, June 5, 2010

Gideon Festival

It was a beautiful sunny day today and one of my owner's friends invited us to the Gideon Festival. It's a Music Festival held at a large compound just outside of Groningen.

It was really cool. There was lots of weird art.

And lots of different kinds of music. This was the Goa stage, where they played Goa Trance music all day.

There were also lots of clothes and such on sale. I liked this cat hat.

I spotted Pig Art on a glass recycle container!

I guess someone didn't like the music played on this stage, but I thought it was kind of nice.

And just look what I spotted through some bushes!

These pigs had found a nice shady spot to lounge around. I had a short chat with them ofcourse and they told me they were glad the compound was so large, so they weren't bothered too much by all the people and music.

A large planet thingie.

And we got hot chocolate! My owner's friend had hot chocolate with whipped cream, doesn't that look yummie?

Lounging in the shade and watching people dance to the Goa Trance Music.

I also found a weird metal carriage with metal bug eyes!

I had to sit in the carriage ofcourse and have a look at the world from there.

Here I'm posing for a picture with my owner's friend.

And one last picture of me and my owner!

We had a great time and even got a bit of a tan.


Hammie en Gea said...

Oohhh! We've been reading about it in the newspaper!!! And you've been there for real! It looks like a real nice festival! I wouldn't mind moving to Groningen, to be able to go to Noorderzon en this festival and other nice events... But I don't think I can persuade Harr and G., they like Groningen a lot but they love Stadskanaal too... Glad to hear that you and your owner and her friend had a good day! And there's another day to come before it's monday again :-)!

Marlowe said...

That's a very grand adventure! I like the pigs!

Found art blog said...

Oh what fun!!!

Sullivan McPig said...

Thanks everyone for you comments
And Hammie: Groningen isn't too far from where you live so you can always visit it.

vvb32 reads said...

fun outing! love the pigs pic! and hey, we get to see your owner! nice treat ;-D

Sullivan McPig said...

Yeah, she does come out in front of the camera from time to time, but usually prefers to take the pictures instead of be on them.