Monday, February 22, 2010

Renovation and Pigs

The renovation in our street is creeping closer. Today there suddenly was a large container in front of our house! The workers also left all kinds of rubbish at our front door which my owner and me immediately threw in the container ofcourse.

When we went shopping my owner got me this card! I think these pigs might be distant relatives as they also have spots.

And for those interested:
I posted another book review here.


Marlowe said...

I like your card!

What are they doing to your street?

Eve said...

Awww, what a cute pair of piggies!

BTW: Stop by my blog for your award...and no, you don't have to do another list. Only if you choose to! XoX~EVE

Sullivan McPig said...

They're renovating the houses: putting on a new roof, replacing windows. We'll have to move out of our house for a couple of months in july. I'll try to make some pictures of how our street looks at the moment if it's not raining today.

@Eve: Thanks !! :-)