Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More Renovation Pics and Giant Plush Microbes

Today I bring you more renovation chaos!
Rubbish and a car parked on the sidewalk! We had to walk around it to get to our front door.

A big crane blocked our way on the street when we wanted to go into the city. We had to make a detour to get around that as well.

The container in front of our house is getting filled with old rooftiles. And they're not very quiet when throwing them in there.

A view from the front of our street.

They tried cheering everything up a bit by putting childrens drawings on some of the gates.

The door of a house that's being renovated. Doesn't look like much yet.

More houses in the proces of being renovated.

I did find one cool thing though: a mosaic in the sidewalk.

On to other, more fun things!
There's a new housemate since today: A plushie White Blood Cell!
Yup, that would be the white fellow on the left. He's in good company here as we already have three of his friends from the Giant Plush Microbe family living here: a Dust Mite, a Bookwurm and a Black Ant.

Extra picture as the Ant thought the previous picture didn't show him good enough.


Marlowe said...

I like your new plush friends. Mr. Ant looks especially ant-like.

That crane is HUGE! Are they taking the tiles off the roof-tops with it? Or hoisting joists?

Josien said...

those plushies are SO cool.. and they make great presents. This way you can give somebody a virus for their b-day :)

Sullivan McPig said...

@Josien: I still want to get hold of the Beer yeast plushie

@Marlowe: I think they used it to place some really large containers.

Hammie en Gea said...

Those kind of virus are nice to have ;-)
I like the paintings to cheer the street up! Is your home going to be changed or are they only doing the windows/roof etc...???
The mosaic tile is beautiful, there should be more of them all around! G. always likes the ladybug tiles against violence too!

Sullivan McPig said...

@Hammie: They're going to retile our bathroom and toilet and (which I do not like at all): They will put in an extra wall for sound isolation (that doesn't work) that will make our livingroom 11 centimeters smaller.