Sunday, February 21, 2010

Noorderspel 2010 - Day 2

Today was the second day of the games convention. On our way to the convention it was a bit foggy and the streets were almost deserted.

I decided to check out more of the convention on my breaks from work today. Sunny Games had a stand right next ot ours so I started out there.

They told me something about their games: everyone has to work together to win the game, so either everyone wins or everybody loses. This game is called 'The Secret Door' and you have to try and find the secret door in a mansion to stop a thief from stealing treasure from the mansion if I understood correctly.

I also ran into Cthulhu's nephew: Valentino Cthulhu.

At lunch I had something to drink and delicious cream filled bread.

And I spotted a bottle of mineralwater.
Opera? Never heard of that brand before.

It turned out to be promotion material for a new game called Opera.

And what have we here?
A corpseless head and plushie viri?
I wonder if it has to do with that crime that needed to be solved.

But no, it turned out to be props to draw attention to this game: Pandemie (Pandemic). A game in which you have to try to stop all kinds of horrible viri to spread all over the world.

And then it was five in the afternoon and the convention was over and everything was cleared away. It was fun and I sold lots of games.

And next to all the selling we did a little buying. We bought one game as a gift for someone: Rupsje Nooitgenoeg Memory. I think it looks like a fun game.

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Mack and Sally Ann said...

Hi Sullian,
You are a great vendor. I think the game you bought looks like fun!
Sally Ann