Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A very cool package!!

Today my owner finally had time to collect our package from the post office!
It was send to us by Hammie and G. as we were the 1000th visitor to Hammie's blog. The package was for me, Coco and our owner's, but Domo and Angus were very curious to what was in it too.

It said 'Hip, hip, hurray, 100th visitor' on the side of the package!

Ooooh, a piggy sticker!

We opened the package together and it was full of cool things!!

There were two new housmates! And a cool cross stitch card that my owner really loved and balloons among other things.

There was also a balloon pump. Angus used it to blow up some balloons.

I tried to make one of them into a flower or animal, but it was hard work I can tell you.

The end result did make a nice seat though.

Domo tried it on as a necklace thingie, but it was too big for that.

There was a cool frog in the package too, which was meant for my owner's OH, but Angus absolutely loved the frog so he hogged it.

If you press on the back of the frog, it sticks out it's tongue!

The eyes of the frog have flies on them! Scary!
(And if you want to see what Coco got and can't make it out in this picture: go to Coco's blog, he'll be making a post too about this package.)

And even more new animals: A hippo for my owner! The hippo and Domo got along quite well from the start.

Here's an overview of us and the cool contents of the package! There was also very yummie Sinterklaas chocolate and kruidnoten in it! Hmmm....
Hammie: you spoiled us! Thanks!

And closing with a picture of the two new pigs that Hammie send to us. The small one is called Spot and the bigger pig is called Babs.


Found art blog said...

Hello Spot and Babs!! Welcome to Blogland!! And I love your new balloon swing!! Andrea says there's another package on its' way to you but you're not allowed to open it until Christmas. It has to go underneath a thing called Christmas Tree.

Hammie en Gea said...

YES!!! Finally it arrived! I think we were just as curious as you (but not to know what's inside because we knew that ofcourse, but to see if you all would like the presents ;-)!..) Very Happy that you do!

Sullivan McPig said...

@Beanie: Oooh, cool!

@Hammie: We are very happy with it! Did you see coco's post?