Wednesday, December 2, 2009

lots of Sinterklaas stuff

Yesterday we went in to town to get some stuff for Sinterklaas Avond (St. Nicholas Eve) which is this saturday. I wanted to get this pack of really cool coloured folding paper , but my owner said it only had the panda on the packaging and not on every paper inside.

At a bakery we saw these marsipan figures. Don't you just love the frog?

A beautiful view on the Martinitoren (Martini tower).

At work I got told we could place a shoe for Sinterklaas and than he would put something in the shoe! I don't have shoes, but they told me I also could place this paper shoe for Sinterklaas.

And look what Sinterklaas put in it this evening!
A chocolate letter!

And when we got home from work Sinterklaas also had brought two chocolate letters to our home! I'm beginning to understand why my owner loves Sinterklaas so much.


Hammie en Gea said...

Hmmmm! Yummie! Chocolate letters! can you make a word of the letters or are they eaten allready ;-)! Good idea to make a paper shoe, I don't have shoes, just like you, perhaps I can make a paper shoe too...

Found art blog said...

Oh how exciting!! Andrea says that in England, if we put a Red Stocking at the end of our Bed, Santa Claus fills it up with presents!! I guess in Holland, you use shoes instead. Wonder what country he gets his trousers and shirt from?

Sullivan McPig said...

@Beanie: Hmmm.... now I'm wondering too