Thursday, July 19, 2018


I've been lazy about blogging and am behind in showing you what I've been up to.

In May we've been to an re-enactment of the battle at Heiligerlee. Where the Dutch and the Spanish fought each other.

Before the battle started we had a look around on the market and the encampment.

There was a leather worker.

I was tempted by these cool bags.

There were birds at the market as well, like this owl.
The owls were not staying for the battle though, they thought it would get too noisy.

This lady was cooking some kind of vegetable soup.

A smith!

This man was a money changer.
I changed some Euro coins into a really cool replica of a Thaler, which is an old German coin.

There was a magician as well.
He made nothing disappear. Very impressive.

Where shall we go next?

This man sharpened knives.

Hmmm... Tea!

It was a warm and sunny day.
There wasn't much shade, but I saw this man making use of the little bit of shade of a cannon stand.

Someone left his armor just lying around unsupervised. I was tempted, but it was too big for me.

Another smith.

And I made a friend!

What a cool day this was.
I'll show more pictures soon.


Jerry and Ben said...

Looks like fun!!

miki said...

whoah that' sounded fantastic and teh bags were really cool