Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Randomness on a Special Day

Nine years ago I started blogging.

The first few years I had lots to share, the last few years my post have become less frequent. Still I very much enjoy showing you my travels and other fun events when they occur.

Even though I didn't do anything picture worthy today I wanted to blog on this special day. So here are a few pictures I took for my Instagram account.

PS: I hope to have some fun pictures of me to share with you soon.

Thanks for following this piggy around.


Jeffe Kennedy said...

Happy blogiversary! Nine years is a LONG time!

miki said...

Hapy blogoversary!!! i still have as much pleasure following you that i did at the beginning and yes soon more picture i'm sure ;)

Beanie Mouse said...

Happy bloggoversary!!! You're one of the first bloggers we met in 3D!!!

Sullivan McPig said...

Thanks everyone! I will hve to think of something fun for next year when my blog hits 10.