Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Birthday Presents Catch Up Post

I wanted to share the cool birthday presents me and my owner got in January.

We got some really cool Funko Pops, like this Cupcake from E.

He also got us Maleficent and the Evil Queen from Snow White.

We got the The Cat in the Head from JS.

Extra picture of the Evil Queen just because I think it's a cool shot.

We got a plushie Mummy and a Cthulhu/Dr. Zoidberg balaclava from D. and P&J.

We got several books from people like Melliane, S. and K&E. Here are some of the books we got.

And yesterday we got a big package from Miki.
It had lots of yummy candy and chocolate.

And awesome goodies like dice and a Cthulhu key-ring.
She really did her best to find us things we love.

We have been really spoiled by lots of people.
A big thanks to all of them!


Patricia said...


miki said...

a pleasure

Beanie Mouse said...

HURRAH!!! I love your balaclava!!!