Saturday, December 23, 2017

Counting down to Christmas

As Christmas is almost here I'd thought I'd give you an update.

I got the game Here, Kitty, Kitty! as an early Christmas present. We played it with friends and it's a really fun game. I won!

We also received these warm, fluffy socks and Christmas piggy from the same awesome person who gave me the kitty game.

We received lots of beautiful Christmas cards.
Isn't this one cool?!

People spoiled us by sending us books.
These arrived today, but we also received books from Melliane.

As you might have noticed in the previous pictures:
I got a new festive hat.

I just love these colors.

And there were lots of Christmas goodies for us yesterday!
The FairyLoot boxes didn't contain FairyLoot, but were filled with ChristmasLoot.

Just look at all these awesome goodies!

I'm looking forward to Christmas, and hope you will all have a wonderful holiday season as well.

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