Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Presents!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas.

I myself still am enjoying the second day of Christmas, but thought I'd post about my Christmas presents.

First I have to show you the 3D triceratops puzzle I made.
I got the puzzle from Sinterklaas. Isn't it cool?

A couple of days before Christmas a big parcel arrived.

It was filled with Christmas presents from Miki.

We also got a big box of goodies from my owner's employer.

I always love playing with the packaging.

Miki's presents had very pretty packaging.

I was very curious what she sent us, but waited until Christmas to open the presents.

New piggy friends!

There were lots of cool presents:
Dino eggs, a dino excavation kit, a piggy calendar, lots of yummy treats, a cool piggy pen, dino and piggy erasers, a tin. What a great Christmas package!

Thanks Miki! You are awesome!

We also received more gifts from others: books, a gift card which will be used for more books, a surprise gift that didn't arrive yet, but that I'm really curious about, and lots of cool Christmas cards.

So a big thank you to Melliane, Jeffe, Laura, Kerry, and everyone who sent us a Christmas card as well!


miki said...

happy to have been able to make your christmas a little more magical

Little Fox said...

Merry Christmas.