Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Meeting Hammie

Yesterday my owner and I met up with Hammie and G.

G. brought a present for my owner.

It was a beautiful scarf that G. and Hammie made themselves!

We had lunch together and then went into town to do some shopping. It was very rainiy, so we didn't take anymore pictures.

Except for this picture for Beanie!

When we got home we took an extra picture of the scarf so you can see it a bit better.

Thanks G. and Hammie!
We had a great time, and my owner loves the scarf!


RodeEgel said...

Nice outing!

Beanie Mouse said...

Are you implying I have a Big Bum????!!!!

Jerry and Ben said...

So lucky that you got to meet! We just spent a whole month visiting Sandy in Canada. It was a wonderful visit!

Demented Wench said...

That is a lovely scarf, what a nice present. :)

Enbrethiliel said...


I've seen that shawl pattern around! What a good job G and Hammie did on it! =)