Monday, June 6, 2016

Lots of Dinosaurs

One of the grocery stores where we shop is giving out dinosaur stickers with your groceries this month, so I convinced my owner we needed to shop there today.

We got 12 stickers with out groceries, and my owner bought me an album to put them in, a dinosaur card game, glow in the dark dinosaurs, and two dinosaur eggs.

I immediately put my dinosaur stickers in the album.
I noticed you could scan them with your phone if you use a special dinosaur app. We had to try that of course.

With the app we could see the dinosaur walking around our room in 3D!

Isn't that cool?!

Next I examined the dinosaur eggs.

It turns out that if you put them in water they hatch!
I put one of them in a glass jar. In two days the egg will hatch if all goes well.

And while we were in a dinosaur mood we decided to assemble my wooden T-Rex skeleton.

He turned out really cool!

And you can bet I'll be telling my owner to shop at the dinosaur grocery store this month, because I want to collect all 160 stickers.


RodeEgel said...

Amazing dinosaur fun! T-rex turned out very well. Looks great! :D

Little Fox said...

I wish my grocery store had cool promotions like that

Beanie Mouse said...

oh wow!!! What fun!!!

Aurian said...

Which grocery store is that? Perhaps I can help you collect some.