Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Small Garden

Today we got a present at the grocery store.
A small box that says there's a small vegetable garden inside.

And it was true!
There was a small pot, a tablet that can be turned into soil, and radish seeds.

There was a long list of instructions how to plant the seeds, and how to care for them. I will have to ask my owner to help me with it one of these days, because it would be cool to grow my own radishes.


Jerry and Ben said...

That looks like a fun garden! We can't wait until spring arrives and we can get back into the garden.

Ajdin the Bosnian Bear said...

Hi Sullivan! I wish you good luck with your radish garden. I tried something like that too before. It was a miniature flower pot. I hope you have better luck than I did.

Aurian said...

O that is fun! I will have to visit that particular grocery store to get some too.