Monday, May 12, 2014

Festival of Books and Food

Yesterday we went on a trip.
Aurian and Maia had told us about 'Boekenfestijn'(Book Festival), a giant book fair with lots of cheap books. So my owner and I decided to have a look at the Boekenfestijn in Utrecht together with Aurian and Maia.

It was a grey and wet day, but luckily the book fair would be indoors.

Wow! So many books!

It was amazing!
I didn't really know what to expect from this book fair, but not that there would be so many cool books as there turned out to be. I might have gone in a small book buying frenzy. I will most certainly visit another Boekenfestijn in the future.

After the book fair we went to Maia's place and we hung out and talked books and other fun things. I checked out Maia's impressive collection of books of course.

What a gorgeous collection.

I also got some books from Aurian and Maia, and some books Blodeuedd had sent to Aurian that were meant for me. We had quite some books to take home. We also gave some books to Aurian, that she'll take with her when she goes to Germany, to get them signed for us.

Then it was time for dinner!
We went to a Japanese restaurant where you could try all kinds of small snacks.

I ordered a Pina Colada!
It was really good, but heavy on the ice.

We tried all kinds of snacks, but my favorite were the mushrooms and pumpkin. My owner tried some snacks that shall not be named, I didn't take pictures of those snacks of course.

And then it was already time to catch a train home. The day had flown by.

Luckily for a Sunday evening it wasn't too crowded on the train and we had a place to sit and to stow all our books.

It was a really fun day.
Thanks Aurian and Maia for introducing me to Boekenfestijn!


Beanie Mouse said...

Oh wowzers! That's lots of books!!

Enbrethiliel said...


"Some snacks that shall not be named . . ." ROFL! ;-P

Maia's shelves are gorgeous! I wish that I could zoom in and see the titles better, because some of the spines look familiar and I'm sure that she and I have a lot of books in common!

And there's nothing wrong with going nuts at a book fair. Nothing wrong at all . . . ;-)

Jerry and Ben said...

That is bear lot of books! You sure it wasn't a library? hehe

click clack gorilla said...

That looks amazing. Was it mostly books in Dutch? Or English as well? If so, Utrecht isn't so far from me either, maybe I'll have to go one year... Looks like a pretty sweet haul. This past weekend I went to a flea market at an English speaking apartment block and came home with 18 new books. It was awesome.

Sullivan McPig said...

@Click clack gorilla: there were lots of English books. All books I bought were English. Next boekenfestijn in Utrecht will be in September.

Aurian said...

You made a lovely post about a fantastic day Sullivan, I had a great time with you and Maia and thousands of books.
@Gorilla: if you go to the site of Boekenfestijn, you can choose an event near you, there is one every month.