Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Puzzled Books and Other Art

Earlier this week my owner and I got a belated birthday present.

It was late because it took some time to make it:

The friends who gave us this beautiful picture to hang in my owner's workroom had puzzled it together! What a work that must have been.

And look at the title of this book.
How awesome!

Thanks K&E.

And we got another present to hang on the wall of the workroom as well:

My owner's OtherHalf made this beautiful portrait and when my owner told him we loved it, he gave it to us!

Thanks E.

Now we have lots of cool and beautiful art to look at.


Aurian said...

What a great puzzle! I can't wait to admire it when next we visit you :)

Alexander Mackenzie Bear said...

Oh!! I have a vinyl laptop-cover sticker of that exact picture! Have you read the book titles on there?? War and Peas... 20,000 Leeks Under the Sea... heh-heh