Saturday, April 26, 2014

New Friends and Books

Earlier this week we received a surprise package from Marie, her family and my cousin Moira. They sent us lots of new friends, buttons, a cool hippo stapler, and yummy Maple sugar mints. We are very happy with this awesome surprise, and the new animals will all get a great new home here, I can assure you.

Thanks Marie!

Today there was a flea market in honor of King's Day (King's Day is to celebrate our King's birthday). We had a look at what was for sale and found 5 books. Three of them are for Voodoo Bride, but I found City of Bones and City of Ashes. I was lucky, because there was a girl who saw the books just before I saw them. Luckily she only wanted City of Bones, but the seller didn't want to sell the books separately. I don't know if I will like these books, but the two of them were cheap enough I decided to take the chance. Voodoo Bride is very happy with her books as well.


Jerry and Ben said...

What fun stuff! New friends are always great too. Hope you had a wonderful Easter.

Melliane said...

yay for the new friends! And some new books, that's nice, happy reading!

Aurian said...

You scored well Sullivan :) I did too, I love the vrijmarkt.