Tuesday, August 20, 2013

More Books

No trips or outings so far, but I can tell you that my owner booked a plane ticket, a bus ticket and a hotel for us both for a trip to World Fantasy Con in Brighton this October!

And today there was more bookish mail:

Enbrethiliel sent me PO-ON.
She had a really cool giveaway event at her blog and I didn't win, but one of the winners conspired with her to donate his prize to me.

Thanks Enbrethiliel and generous winner!

Suzanne Johnson sent us Storm Force (which she wrote using her alias Susannah Sandlin. Voodoo Bride read and loved the other books Suzanne wrote as Susannah Sandlin, so she's really looking forward to reading Storm Force.

Thanks Suzanne!


Enbrethiliel said...


You're very welcome, Sully! =D

Alexander Mackenzie Bear said...

Oh, a trip to Brighton!! Guess you'll get to see Beanie again!

Found art blog said...

YAAAAAYY!!!! I get to hang out with Sullivan!!! Whoopee!!!!

Aurian said...

I wish you a great time Sullivan! I also have Storm Force to read :)