Sunday, June 9, 2013

Signed Books, Presents and More

Yesterday I got a visit from Aurian and her friend Maia. Aurian took some of our books with her to a convention in Berlin to get them signed. She brought them with her and she even had more goodies for us.

Voodoo Bride gave Aurian two books to sign and she got those back and Aurian had a third signed book for Voodoo Bride. Maya Banks has been on Voodoo Bride's wishlist for some time so she's very happy with this book.

Thanks Aurian!

There were lots of goodies from Vivian Arend and Wolfie.
We gave Aurian one book to get signed for us, but she returned with two and some cool extras.

Wolfie signed this book for us!

Thanks Wolfie, we'll treasure it.

This signed book was a gift from Vivian to us.

And we got a dog tag, a key ring and a small container.

It contained a horse shoe charm and a pin with the Canadian Maple leaf!

Thanks for the book and all the great goodies, Vivian & Wolfie!
You're awesome.

Aurian had a really cool present for me as well.
She gave me two piggy charms!

Aren't they totally awesome?!

Thanks Aurian!
I'm very happy with them. You rock!

We had a great afternoon talking about books and other things and in the evening we went into town, so Aurian and Maia could compare the Martini Tower with the Dom Tower. They thought the Dom Tower was more beautiful, but I think the Martini tower is the best!

After that we had dinner at a Mexican restaurant.

It was a really fun day and I hope to meet up with Aurian and Maia again soon.

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Aurian said...

I also had a fun day visiting with you and your owner Sullivan! The tower is beautiful, but well, I think the Dom is just a bit more beautiful. Of course I am biased. Dinner was delicious, and the trip home went fast. So yes, we will be visiting again for sure.