Friday, May 17, 2013

Awesome Piggy Mail

There was a package from Beanie for me today!

He send me a card and some really cool piggy things.

A cookie cutter in the shape of a pig.
Looks like I'll have to convince my owner to bake some cookies soon.

And a miniature statue of a Celtic/Roman boar.

The card says that pigs stand for courage and tenacity!
I couldn't agree more.

Thanks Beanie! I love them.


Jerry and Ben said...

What a nice collection of goodies! You'll have to show off any pig cookies that you make!

Aurian said...

That is sooo cool! Great present.

Found art blog said...

So glad it got there all safe!!! That Roman Boar sounds a lot like you, too! And I wanna see those piggie cookies!!!!

Hammie Hamster said...

Nice gifts! We love Celtic artwork!