Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Trip on Which I Met Aurian

Yesterday my owner and I went on a trip to meet Aurian.
She's going to a convention in Berlin and was sweet enough to agree to take some of our books with her to the convention to get them signed. So we planned to meet so we could give Aurian the books that we want to get signed.

We had to go to Utrecht, but because the trains weren't running like normal, it took some extra travelling to get there and we ended up in Amsterdam. We decided to make use of our stop in Amsterdam to visit the American Bookstore that's located in Amsterdam.

After some book shopping we went back to the station and caught a train to Utrecht.

In Utrecht I had to see the Dom tower of course.

And the canals.

After our sightseeing we took a bus to where Aurian lives and were greeted with a yummy cake!

I admired Aurian's collection of books, which was guarded by fairies and we talked about books and blogging of course. It was really cool to meet her and lots of fun as well.

After a fun afternoon and early evening we had to travel home again. This time we didn't make any stops along the way, but went straight home.

And look what Aurian gave me:
Lots of small packages containing small groceries. I had fun unpacking them all.

Look at all the cool groceries that were inside the packages.

And look at my book haul!
Apart from books that we bought we also got some books from Aurian.

Thanks Aurian for the fun visit and the groceries and books!

And look what was waiting for us when we got home.
A signed copy of Enemy Games by Marcella Burnard.

Thanks Marcella!

All in all I had a really fun day and I hope to meet Aurian again sometime soon.


Aurian said...

What a great post Sullivan! I had a fun time to, time flies when you are talking books and blogging and stuff. So I am sure we can arrange to meet each other again soon after Berlin.

Jeffe Kennedy said...

ooh - now I want to see Utrecht! so pretty!

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

looks like a lot of fun!! the small groceries are so cool!

Jerry and Ben said...

What a fun day and so many cool presents!

Sullivan McPig said...

@Aurian: looking forward to it.
@Jeffe: Utrecht is a very beautiful city. I think Groningen is even better, but I'm prejudiced ;-)

Found art blog said...

Oh what fun!! Reminds me of when you and me met in Amsterdam!!! Want to see utrecht too now....

Aurian said...

All booklovers are welcome to visit me in Utrecht, to take a tour of the city or just to visit me at home and chat books :)

Jeffe Kennedy said...

Well, but CANALS!

Sullivan McPig said...

@Jeffe: Groningen has canals too, but I will confess those in Utrecht are prettier. Still Groningen is better imo ;-)
But if you ever do visit me, I'm happy to go sightseeing with you in Utrecht as well.

Jeffe Kennedy said...

It's a deal! (though I wish we had canals...)