Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Today me and my owner went to visit relatives and we went for a walk. It was close to where my owner grew up so it was a walk down memory lane for her.

I saw a sign with a crown on it.

It was from a museum, but it wasn't open today.

We saw a very small harbor.
My owner told me it was for a small ferry that takes people across the river.

This used to be the ferryman's house.

I found a map where I could see what route we were walking.

It was a really beautiful walk.

We were not allowed to walk faster than 30 kilometers per hour here. I didn't track our speed, but I don't think we broke the speed limit.

And when we got back to the house of my owner's relatives there was a pumpkin!

I had a fun day!


Jerry and Ben said...

Beautiful photos Sullivan! That pumpkin looks really good too!

Aurian said...

Beautiful pictures, and you were really in luck with the weather yesterday. My boyfriend also came home with a pumpkin, but I made him carve it himself. The result was a fun one, not a scary one :)

Alexander Mackenzie Bear said...

Great photos Sullivan! And I'm glad you didn't get a speeding ticket :)!

Hammie Hamster said...

Nice trip!
We got your present today! Thank you very much! We love them!! We'll make a post about it soon!