Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Trip To Germany

This weekend we finally went on the mysterious trip my owner mentioned. She had arranged a car and we went to Germany. I brought my passport (which Beanie made for me) along.

I saw a Viking sandbox.

And I got to eat baked potatoes.

We traveled all the way to Essen.
I wonder what we're going to do here.

I know what that means: It's the German word for game.
It turned out we were going to a big games convention.

We bought tickets and then we were off to look at all kinds of cool games.


There were lots of cool zombie games.

Zombie dice.
What a cool convention!

I also spotted this really cool logo.

And a scary fish.

And guess what my owner's OtherHalf bought for me...

A zombie game!

We also bought this game.
It's from the same company that also made Cockroach Poker, one of my favorite card games. I'm looking forward to playing this game, it says on the box that you are allowed to cheat when playing it.

I had a really cool time at the convention and I hope we will go there again some time.


Jerry and Ben said...

What a fun trip Sullivan! Though, we do hope that you don't turn into a Zombie!!!

Alexander Mackenzie Bear said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun! I agree with Jerry and Ben... watch out you don't turn into a Zombie Pig!

Aurian said...

It sounds like a blast! Something my boyfriend would enjoy a lot. Glad you had a good time, those zombies sure scare me away!

Found art blog said...

Games you're ALLOWED to cheat at?? How brilliantly fandabbidosi!! Simply MAHVELLOUS dahling!!!

Sullivan McPig said...

Thanks everyone! And I'll be careful.