Friday, September 23, 2011

Sea Monsters, Work and Bob

I got another book in the mail!
I won this Jane Austen mash-up over at vvB32 Reads.

Velvet: Thanks, you always have the coolest giveaways.

Today I helped my owner out at work again.
I don't know how she'd get her work done without me.

In our break I got to chose a snack and I picked piggy candy.

One of our co-workers had a pretty bow thing in her cubicle.
I had to check that out of course.

And I saw this Spongebob binder!
Isn't it cool!?

And now it's time for weekend!
Have a great weekend everyone.


Buttons the Bear said...

You win more contests than any pig I know.

Cute piggy candy.

Have a great weekend.

Hammie Hamster said...

We saw that book in our favorite bookshop in Groningen the day we saw you in Groningen.
Funny that they make old books new this way :-)!
A nice weekend for you and C. and E. too!

Leona Löwenherz said...

You are very busy helping at work and have deserved the piggy sweets. Greetings :-)