Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Meeting with Presents

Look who I met up with today!

Hammie was in Groningen together with G. and Har, so we met up with them for a chat and Hammie brought me presents. He's been to France and he brought some souvenirs back for me.

He brought really yummie cookies, lollipops, two really cool keyrings and a piggy! Wow, what a surprise to get so many cool souvenirs.

We had a fun time catching up on news and telling each other stories about the trips we made. Much too soon it was time to say goodbye again. But we made plans to meet up somewhere in the (near) future.

A close-up of one of the keyrings.
This is a small replica of a gargoyle that's on a cathedral Hammie saw while in Brittany. Isn't it cool?!

And a close-up of the piggy.
His tail can wiggle!

Thanks Hammie for these really cool souvenirs.
I 'm very happy with all of them.


Jerry and Ben said...

So much fun! We love the photo of you and Hammie together, Sullivan! We're waving to you from Ireland! Maybe we'll get to meet you during a future trip to Europe.

Buttons the Bear said...

You two guys are sooooo lucky! What great presents! Hammie I love the little piggie. It will remind you of Sullivan.

Feronia said...

Cool souvenirs, Sullivan! Looks like you guys had great fun together :)

Demented Wench said...

What a cute piggy. :)

Katie Dalton said...

awww how cute!!!

Found art blog said...

wiggly pig!! Love it!!

Patricia said...

It looks to me if you had a great day.

Hammie Hamster said...

So glad you like them all! I was very busy helping Harr and G. with the new furniture for her work room so I'm not even finished making posts about our trip :-)! Hope to finish the holiday posts soon because some new pictures are waiting to be post:-)!!!