Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Post full of Adventures by Moira

Today a post by Moira (Sullivan's cousin from Canada)

Hi, Sullivan and everyone else!
I have been very busy, so that's why I haven't posted for a while. But today I bring you pictures and stories of my adventures on our latest holiday.

This is a picture I spotted during our holiday and that I just had to share with you. It reminds me of family gatherings with all the McPigs. They even look a bit like us, so maybe these pigs are distant relatives, who knows.

On our holiday we saw lots of beautiful things.
Here I am in Epcot in front of a lovely Japanese building.

Princess and me also visited the Japanese garden.
It was beautiful and tranquil.

I also had quite an adventure during our holiday:

It all started out like fun.
We met the animals from Madagascar and asked them to pose with us. Alex the lion seemed quite interested in me and at first I was quite flattered, until....

He ate me!
Aaaah! Help!

It took a warden to convince him to spit me out again.
Egh, I was all covered in lion saliva and I had a terrible scare!

But then Skipper took charge and promised to hold me and keep me safe from Alex. *swoon* If only he wasn't so tall.

So in the end I survived and we finally got our picture taken together with the Madagascar crew. I'm never going near a lion again!

After this scary incident we visited Hogsmeade!

Hogsmeade luckily didn't have any lions.
It did have this snowman.

And owl post!

I thought about sending an owl to say Hi to my family in the Netherlands, but they looked like they might be interested in eating me as well, so I stayed far away from them to avoid becoming a meal once more.

Princess and me did go on a cool ride though.
Much better than being eaten.

We met a nice trainconductor and had a chat with him.

And he posed with us for a picture without trying to eat me!

That's it for now!
I had a great time, met scary and nice animals and people and saw lots of beautiul and cool things.


Enbrethiliel said...


What a fun holiday! Thanks to Moira and her owner for sharing these pictures!

(The guy in the Alex suit must be a real character. LOL!)

Anonymous said...

The Madagascar part was very funny!!

Hammie Hamster said...

Hello Moira! Long time no see! Glad to see you had a good time! And very happy that you didn't get eaten!

vvb32 reads said...

what great adventures! i hope to visit hogsmeade someday...