Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Sunny Day in Utrecht

Last Sunday I went on a trip.
My owner and I went to Utrecht to visit Aurian and Maia.

We had a quick look at the Book Festival to see if maybe they had some new books since August, then we went into the city to enjoy the weather.

First we had lunch.
I had a tasty sandwich with cheese and apple syrup.

And a Martini Something Sorbet for dessert.

After lunch we had a walk in the park next to the restaurant where we had our lunch.

There was a cool fountain.

And a statue of queen Wilhelmina, a former queen of the Netherlands.

Next we visited the Rosarium, a park with all kinds of roses.
No dogs allowed, luckily I'm a pig.

Isn't this pretty?!

I stopped to smell the roses of course!

I'm a Super Star!

Outside of the Rosarium we spotted wild strawberries!

After a lovely sunny afternoon outside we spend some time talking and playing games at Maia's home. After dinner my owner and I went back to Groningen.

Here are the books I found at the Book Festival. I got one of them for free!

All in all we had a great day.
Thanks Maia and Aurian!


Aurian said...

I also had a great day Sullivan, thank you for coming over for a visit. I already knew that you're a Superstar ;)

Hammie Hamster said...

nice garden!