Sunday, March 9, 2014

Lots of Presents

Earlier this week we received a mega package!

It was from Miki, who wanted to cheer us up when she heard we were still trying to recover from the nasty flu we caught in January. How awesome.

There were lots of surprises inside!

Look at all the goodies.
There was lots of chocolate, tea, cards and more!

I absolutely love this Game of Thrones mug.

And there were figurines of Spirou and Fantasio.
They're the lead characters of a really cool comic book series.

Miki even sent a poster book that included posters from my favorite computer game Mass Effect.

What an awesome surprise. This certainly cheered us up.

Thanks Miki!
You are amazing.

And yesterday I got a belated birthday present.

Two new hats!

Thank you J&G!
I'm very happy with these cool hats.


Jerry and Ben said...

What great surprises! Those hats look good on you!

Ajdin the Bosnian Bear said...

what great presents! enjoy!

Beanie Mouse said...

I want to get sick and get a package like that!!! I'm jealous!!!!!

Little Fox said...

You are one lucky pig. Those hats are perfect.

Sullivan McPig said...

@Beanie: believe me, you don't want this flu! I'd be happy to send you a package if you promise to try to stay healthy.

Aurian said...

What great packages Sullivan! Enjoy the chocolates :) Is that Robbedoes?